Weekly Wedding Feature: 4 neat things we found on the web

Weekly Wedding Feature: 4 neat things we found on the web

In all of our preparations and intense googling, we come across some sweet things that are worth sharing! Here are this week’s 5 neat things we found on the web.

1) 50 ways to go green at your wedding

This page will lead you to many great resources. It starts by listing from ‘green-friendly’ wedding blogs and guides. Then it provides links to the main dress reselling sites, followed by links to great green companies for decorations and more!

2) Some pretty dresses I found
A 1950s style dress, too bad it’s not in my size! Check it out here.










I absolutely LOVE this neckline/sleeve combo. It’s the perfect in between from strapless to all covered up. This would be so flattering!










3) A sweet craft idea – Pom Pom streamer made from coffee filters
This could surely turn into a frustrating project but it would look so pretty.







4) Gorgeous wooden wedding bands
Aren’t they beautiful? I wonder how they hold up in water? This was recommended by a reader and friend, this is what he and his wife have :) Click here to see their site.


  1. The 2nd dress is gorgeous… She looks about 7 ft. tall!! lol! Love the wooden bands… beautiful!

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