Wedding expenses to date – 378.99

We’re trying to keep costs low and fun to the maximum for our wedding. That’s why we are conscious of everything we will and won’t be spending throughout this process. I’ll be giving updates to our wedding expenses every so often so you can see where each penny is going.

01/11/2012 Dixon jewelers Ring re-sizing 50.85 50.85
02/01/2012 BCBG Dress 92.1 142.95
02/06/2012 Paypal Website Template 19.09 162.04
02/06/2012 Paypal Domain name 10.17 172.21
02/08/2012 Defalcos’s Wine 138.98 311.19
02/08/2012 Defalcos’s Wine 67.8 378.99


Our deposit is due this week for the venue, Gracefield Camp, so we’ll be adding a good chunk to this by next week 😉

We made 2 batches of wine – one Merlot, and one Sauvignon Blanc. Each will make about 28 bottles. We’ve been accumulating quite a stash of wine bottles thanks to our wonderful friend, who seems to be delivering them to us on a daily basis. Hope you didn’t drink all of those this weekend Caro…. 😉


  1. On en a bien une dizaine de bouteilles de vin (vide :P) de surplus aussi que j’pourrais t’amener! :)

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