Wedding blogs you should be reading, whether or not you’re engaged

Wedding blogs you should be reading, whether or not you’re engaged

There are some awesome wedding blogs out there that cater to the less traditional or commercial wedding. And some that discuss real life issues that just so happen to maybe be related to weddings.

A Practical Wedding
My absolute favourite wedding blog is a Practical Wedding (picture used in this post). They feature wedding ‘graduate’ and ‘undergraduate’ posts, from married people and brides to be respectively. They discuss some tough issues surrounding weddings, like parent disapproval of a partner, bridal party guests, or even thoughts about the ‘pre-engaged’ state. Basically they discuss awesome real life things, and do so in a very positive feminist way. Its very refreshing. And the whole blog is very anti-Wedding Industrial Complex, which is also fabulous.

The 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding
This girl is my hero. Wish our wedding could cost that little! (Though making food for all of our guests would be a challenge I’m not looking to undertake). They seem to have had their wedding at a ranch which is similar to what we’re looking for. She has loads of posts about how they came about creating what they did. We’re budgeting for something similar but I think we’ll likely fit under 5,000$ for what we’ve got planned 😉 Even though her wedding is over and done with, the blog is a great repository for ideas and inspiration. She’s also landed a book deal so I’m sure more content will be following in the coming months 😉

Offbeat Bride
Is another great one. In the same vein as A Practical Wedding, it tries to cater to alternative weddings and brides. It’s fun to read other stories about how people organised their wedding, like this INCREDIBLE Games wedding (link has been corrected to the proper awesome wedding). And another fabulous BBQ & Beer wedding for inspiration. They also have a hidden insider forum for brides to be to share ideas and have discussions, called The Tribe.

Green Wedding Shoes.
Last, but not least. It is a great site for inspiration and ideas for the more creative aspects of a wedding. While it is not necessarily a budget-blog (many of the weddings featured were surely VERY expensive!), it did recent feature an amazing 3,000$ budget wedding; the pictures were breathtaking. The photographers from every single one of the weddings featured on this blog must be magicians because the pictures everywhere are incredible

Are there some other great wedding blogs out there worth reading?


  1. WOW! The 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding is amazing! That’s exactly how a wedding should be :) I have a feeling yours is going to be just as fabulous!


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