We just bought our wedding bands

We just bought our wedding bands

We finally purchased our wedding bands! They have been ordered and will be created in the coming weeks. We picked the gorgeous tree bark rings from BethCyr on Etsy. Our rings will be a little bit lighter looking than these. We are oh-so-very excited about this!

I am especially happy to be spending 300$ on BOTH our wedding bands, total. It was important to me that our rings be lovely yet subdued, especially if we were going to be wearing them every day. Working in the international sector, I really don’t like to carry expensive things with me when travelling, nor flaunt any kind of luxury items. It can not only be inappropriate and awkward when creating relationships with others, it also opens the door to being robbed more easily! Not very good. So subtle and pretty works just fine for me :)

What’s very exciting is that Beth has a Facebook Page where she posts updates on all of the rings she’s making, so in a few weeks we’ll get to see the progress and the different steps they go through! Very cool :)


  1. Jillian Thursby says:

    These are gorgeous!

  2. LOVE!!! I think these were one of your original choices, or close to it! They’re fabulous & unique!

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