Plastic cups – the motherload

Plastic cups – the motherload

Teav and I stumbled upon a dollar store closing at our local mall. We approached and saw a sign: “Fill this bag for 5$” – with a plastic bag attached. Then we noticed that someone had made a change on the sign, it now read “Fill TWO of these bags for 5$”. Finally, there was another sign before the store that said “TODAY ONLY – Fill THREE of these bags for 5$”. Then I overheard a sales clerk say “Oh yeah, anything in your hands counts too”.

Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed. The scene was pretty chaotic; we basically walked into a free for all (where everything was pretty much free, however much you could carry out). Teav and I started browsing cautiously; of course, most of the store was bare. But I could have bought a lifetime supply of gift bags and tissue paper. But I resisted. Then there were aluminum pans, I could bring these to every potluck in the world and not worry about loosing tupperware.

As we kept walking, I kinda resigned myself. If I couldn’t find anything I absolutely needed, I shouldn’t get anything at all. No need to buy 5$ worth of crap, no matter how cheap it would be. But then, it hit….

We found plastic cups. Which we would need to buy for the wedding. It started with fancy champagne glasses; we managed to nab 12 tubs of 4. Then, I saw regular ‘ol plastic cups, beer cups. We found a good 200 of them. And then, as we headed towards the cash, I found a stash of wine glasses and grabbed everything I could fit into those plastic bags.

We got about 350 cups for 5$. I think that was a pretty good deal!! And now we’re all set. We’ll have some markers and labels available at each table so that every guest can personalise their own cup and to reduce waste – 1 cup, one person! (Ok, maybe 1 water cup 1 person, 1 beer and/or wine cup per person).


  1. 😐 Most amazing find yet!

  2. Melanie Wright Daigle says:

    What a girl!

  3. Ogromne dzięki za ten pomocny wpis, oby takich więcej

  4. Kapitalnie się przegląda twoje artykuły.
    Oczekuję więcej!

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