How to turn a summer camp cafeteria into a magical wedding venue

How to turn a summer camp cafeteria into a magical wedding venue

Take a look at our wedding hall – also known as a summer camp cafeteria. You can ignore the tents, they won’t be there on our wedding night. This hall has enormous potential. How do we maximize our time and efforts to make it look the prettiest it can be, in the simplest of ways?

I love the raised ceiling – many opportunities for hanging things, like lights or paper lanterns. Is it really a wedding without paper lanterns?

This is where the kitchen is – a handy serving station is built right in.

There’s even a secret back room with couches, where anyone can go and relax if the party gets too crazy 😉

So how should we decorate the place? I’ve been accumulating empty pickle jars (similar in size and style to mason jars – except free!) to use as candle holders. And my friend Brigitte found a nice way for us to use them:

And we also saw a cute project for a banner made from used book pages – I love this one! Though it might be a lot of work for what it’s worth.

And from the same site we found some cute hearts on a stick:

And now, I leave you with Brigitte’s artistic rendition of what our centerpieces could look like.


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