Homemade gnocchi – easy, cheap, and so delicious

Homemade gnocchi – easy, cheap, and so delicious

Gnocchi is incredibly easy to make – and costs next to nothing. All you need are potatoes, flour, salt and maybe an egg or two.

My recipe is simple:

  • Boil some potatoes until they are fully cooked. And very soft.
  • Get your potatoes into the smallest size possible – I used a grater with very small holes. You’re supposed to use of a “ricer”, but this method will do. You don’t want lumps so do your best (and DON’T put the cooked potatoes in a food processor!)
  • Add an egg – not all recipes use it.
  • Some salt
  • Then, add some flour. A fair bit of flour. And start mixing. Keep adding flour until you have a good enough dough to work from, and it isn’t too sticky.  (I had severely underestimated my flour to potato ratio and spent way too much time re-adding flour. Start with lots)

This is based on the recipe listed here.

Roll our your dough into long thin strips – can you tell I made way too much?

Cut it into pretty pieces (unlike mine). You can add some grooves to the pieces using a fork, it helps the sauce stick to the gnocchi. But I was too lazy.

In my case, I made enough for about 6 meals – there are many layers on this tray, separated by plastic wrap. I froze them on the tray then transferred to a plastic bag so they wouldn’t stick to each other.

Unfortunately I did not take a photo of a full gnocchi meal – we’ve made these with many different sauces. It’s so pratical to have these in the freezer, they take less time than pasta, are fresh, homemade and without any additives! Yum yum :)



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