Our bilingual wedding ceremony

Our bilingual wedding ceremony

For anyone that couldn’t be with us on our wedding day, you can now ‘read’ your way through our ceremony. Keep in mind that this text does not include all of the pauses for laughter, the tears or the audience reactions. It is a subpar version of what actually happened, but you can certainly use (Keep reading)

Grocery Deals in Ottawa – Gatineau : Week of June 22 2012

Here are this week’s grocery deals. Nothing too exciting this week, although keep in mind that lots of local produce is now in season so visit your local farmer’s market to enjoy it Read my article here to understand why shopping the grocery sales is the best way to save money on your food bill. (Keep reading)

Our wedding ‘Do Not Play’ list

We really didn’t want bad wedding music. Actually, we didn’t want ‘wedding music’ at all. So we needed a way to convey this message to the local DJ we hired from the small town where our wedding was held. Let’s just say we were concerned that his being from a different generation (many generations ago) (Keep reading)

The big post: What we spent on our wedding, in great detail

The time has come to announce how much we spent on our wedding and what we spent it on. This is a useful exercise not only for us, but for others to see that you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of funds to have a good* time. *Correction: great time. When viewing this (Keep reading)